To get the best view of Central Texas wildflowers, ride the Willow City Loop north of Fredericksburg on a bicycle. Photo by Chris LeBlanc


It’s a rite of spring in my household – pedal the Willow City Loop north of Fredericksburg each spring, to admire the bluebonnets and get some nice exercise.

My husband Chris and I made the 21-mile clockwise ride this morning, starting from the town of Willow City and pedaling west for 2 miles along FM 1323 to Texas Highway 16. We turned right, rode another 6.5 miles alongside zooming traffic and swift downhills (the scariest part of the ride) to Willow City Loop. We turned right onto the loop and enjoyed 10 miles of some of the prettiest wildflower viewing in Central Texas. The two-lane road that twists and rolls alongside creeks and pastures, many of them filled with blooms this time of year.

It’s not peak season yet, but flowers are blooming along the route. Pam LeBlanc photo

The 10-mile loop is famous for flower peeping. Although the flowers haven’t yet peaked, pools of bluebonnets are out in force. In a few more weeks, you’ll see Indian paintbrushes, lantana, winecups and more. 

This white bluebonnet was mixed in with the usual blues. Pam LeBlanc photo

I found a one white bluebonnet, mixed in with the usual denim-colored flowers. We saw plenty of white poppies and some yellow and pink flowers I can’t identify, too. 

Lost in a sea of bluebonnets. Chris LeBlanc photo

Since we were a bit early in the season, and weather forecasts called for a chance of rain, we didn’t run into the usual stream of vehicles, either. We passed a line of BMWs out for a group ride, plus a group of Porsches. We came across one other cyclist, a bunch of cows and some goats.

Bluebonnets are out in force. Pam LeBlanc photo

Other highlights? A fence line with cowboy boots capping each post, a super loud frog chirping from a canyon, lots of water in the creeks and a beautiful old windmill.

Cowboy boots top the fenceposts along one section of the loop. Pam LeBlanc photo

Go forth and enjoy the flowers. And for best results, do it by bicycle.

Pam LeBlanc soaking in a Texas spring. Chris LeBlanc photo





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