Aaron Chamberlain, who road his bicycle around the perimeter of Texas, will lead an April 10 bike ride in Driftwood to support Scenic Texas. Photo by Tony Drewry

If you’ve ever pedaled a bicycle along a not-to-busy Hill Country roadway, you know that wildflowers and trees and the occasional mooing cow all contribute to making the ride a quintessential springtime experience in Texas.

On April 10, Scenic Texas, a nonprofit organization that works to preserve and enhance the state’s visual environment – and that means roadways, folks – will host a fund-raising bike ride around Driftwood.

The windy, 21-mile Ride for Scenic Texas will start and finish at Vista Brewing, 13551 RM 150, where riders will get a celebratory glass of beer (and maybe a virtual high five or two.)

Aaron Chamberlain, who recently circumnavigated the state of Texas on his bicycle and wrote about it for Texas Monthly, will kick off the ride. He’s also a co-founder of Austin Beer Guide, so cheers to that.

Registration is $125, which goes to support Scenic Texas’ efforts to create lovelier roads around the state. Those who sign up get a free drink and a T-shirt. Annual memberships are also available for $35.

Chamberlain wrote about his ride for Texas Monthly. Tony Drewry photo


Organizers are trying to keep the event Covid safe. Participants must wear a mask when they’re not riding or sitting at a table, and instead of a group start, cyclists can ride the route anytime between 8 a.m. and noon.

The event takes place in conjunction with a Driftwood Historical Conservation Society event that dedicates that stretch of road on FM 150 in front of the brewery as the Travis Heritage Trail. A group of residents is working to place the trail under the state’s Highway Beautification Code, which would ban junk yards, sanitary fills and billboards along the stretch of roadway.

“To best understand the scenic road you should ride it,” said Sarah Tober, executive director and president of Scenic Texas. “Nothing speaks clearer to you than the trees and wildflowers and nature than when you’re riding or running alongside it.”

The Ride for Scenic Texas, she says, is a celebration of the state’s scenic highways – and a push to create more of them.

Aaron Chamberlain’s ride around Texas covered roughly 3,000 miles. Tony Drewry photo

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