Freya Hoffmeister

The view from Hoffmeister’s custom kayak. Photo courtesy Freya Hoffmeister

Got a sea kayak and a few weeks to burn?

German endurance paddler Freya Hoffmeister is looking for someone – perhaps a Texan – who can meet her in Costa Rica and paddle for a few weeks, as she makes her way toward the Panama Canal.

Freya Hoffmeister

Freya Hoffmeister is looking for someone to paddle with her along the coast of Costa Rica and Panama starting in November. Photo courtesy Freya Hoffmeister

Hoffmeister, who is paddling all the way around North and South America in sections, will pick up her route where she left off last winter in Nicaragua on Nov. 7, and head south. Ideally, she will find a temporary partner to join her for at least three weeks of that trip, after she reaches Costa Rica. (Check her progress here.)

Central Texas is known for its paddling community. Hoffmeister hopes to find someone who can drive down from the United States with a sea kayak (preferably an Epic 18x) and meet her in sometime in early to mid-November.

A beautiful stretch of water

Compared to other parts of her route, Hoffmeister says this stretch of her journey is relatively easy – and quite beautiful.

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“It’s actually too beautiful to be by yourself,” she says. “I need to do something different and integrating people and coaching them one-on-one is a new challenge.”

She plans to paddle about 30 miles a day, at a comfortable pace, and camp as she goes.

Freya Hoffmeister

Hoffmeister’s paddles have taken her to beautiful beaches in Mexico. Photo courtesy Freya Hoffmeister

“I’m getting older, and I simply like to enjoy the sections more. I’m curious, so I look in every nook and cranny,” she says. “It’s absolutely not a race.”

Hoffmeister, 58, has already paddled all the way around Australia. She describes herself as blunt but easy to get along with, and she has paddled with people she barely knows in the past. Back home in Germany, she owns several ice cream shops.

Next summer, she’ll stop her paddling in the south and head north, to pick up her route in the Canadian Arctic Archipelago. (She’s already picked up a paddling partner to join her on that part of her trip. Check her Facebook page for details.)

If you’re interested, contact her via Facebook or email, at

Freya Hoffmeister

Freya Hoffmeister is paddling around North and South America in sections. Photo courtesy Freya Hoffmeister

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