This new book is packed with tips on discovering the weird stuff in Austin, from a car wash populated with dinosaurs to a museum displaying a cigarette supposedly smoked by Marilyn Monroe. Pam LeBlanc photo

Sure, most of us already know about Barton Springs and Mount Bonnell and the Bob Bullock Texas State History Museum.
But did you know about the ladies’ room at Kitty Cohen’s? Or the in-home museum where you can ogle a lipstick-smudged cigarette said to be the last Marilyn Monroe ever smoked?
Get the intel on all the funkiest stuff around town in “111 Places in Austin That You Must Not Miss,” a new book by Kelsey Roslin and Nick Yeager, with photographs by Jesse Pitzler ($20; emons:). It’s the Austin edition of a series of paperback books highlighting the off-the-wall and unusual in cities around the globe, from Toyko to Chicago.
The Austin version is rife with gems.
For example, at the Jurassic Car Wash, 4809 S. Congress Avenue, you can suds up your vehicle while watching animatronic dinosaurs threaten to tear off your side mirrors. You can even wash your dog (or pig, for that matter) at the adjoining pet wash.

This painting of Bert Reynolds adorns the wall of the powder room at Kitty Cohen’s, a patio bar.

In the powder room at the patio bar Kitty Cohen’s, 2211 Webberville Road, where bright pink flamingos adorn the walls, you can check out the painting of (naked and mustachioed and seductively posed) Burt Reynolds. Snap a picture of it and tag it #UltimateKitty on Instagram, and the owners will donate a dollar to the SAFE Alliance, which helps victims of child abuse and domestic violence.
Or drop by the Museum of Natural and Artificial Ephemerata, 1808 Singleton Ave., for a glimpse of a lock of hair from Elvis and that cigarette butt supposedly lipped by Marilyn Monroe.
There are entries for Smut Putt Heaven Holiness Church and a vegan bakery called Zucchini Kill, a place that offers goat yoga and the bathroom at County Line, where you get an audio primer on how to talk Texan.
Just call before you go, because some of the oddball entries – like Threadgill’s, which closed permanently in April – are going the way of the dinosaur.

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