ATX PassIf you’re looking for discounts for local activities and events, check out the new ATX Pass.

The three-day pass, from the folks at Once There, costs $85 and covers three days of fun stuff, from bike tours and brewery visits to guided hikes and live music.

The idea isn’t exactly new – companies like City Pass offer destination passes.

“But they focus on the attractions, the museums or amusement parks or all those things that aren’t hard to get into,” says John Weimer, chief executive officer of Once There, an Austin-based company that sells the passes. “What we’re doing is tours – live events as well as attractions. Anything you might want to do while you’re in a particular destination, we can make it easy to book all that in a single pass.”

So far the passes are only available in Austin. A quick scan of current offerings turned up tickets to a production of Fiddler on the Roof at the Bass Concert Hall, a University of Texas basketball game, a Round Rock Express baseball game and the rodeo.

The passes are designed with tourists in mind, but I could see buying one as a local.

“It’s kind of an all-you-can-eat for a traveler,” Weimer says.

The passes sell for $85 per adult or $45 per child. Depending on how energetic you are, that could be a really good deal.

“The average item in there is about $35 a person, so if you did three of them over 72-hour period you’ve saved money, and if you do five you’ve saved a lot of money,” Weimer says.

To purchase a pass, go to Passes are issued electronically.


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