New Year's resolutions

Pam LeBlanc shares her 2024 New Year’s resolutions.

I try to look beyond the old “go to the gym” when I set my New Year’s resolutions.

They can’t be vague. They have to be attainable and at least some of them measurable. I like variety, so I usually include stuff that keeps me healthy and fit, personal goals and something wacky or unusual.

I had mixed results with last year’s list. I let Vincent VanGo, my campervan, out of the stable fairly frequently, and just this week I knocked off a 200-meter butterfly at the end of swim practice. But I didn’t do so good at others, like “don’t sweat the BS” or “dial back the travel,” unless you count getting grounded after ACL surgery.

I’ve got work to do this year, and writing’s back at the top of the list.

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Pam’s New Year’s resolutions

Without further ado, here are my 2024 New Year’s resolutions….

  1. Write hand-written letters to people that matter and tell them how I feel about them.
  2. Dance at least a teensy bit every single day.
  3. Write honestly, authentically and with humility. Never let a source steer the direction of a story. Ever.
  4. Master that new Sony camera system.
  5. Pick up trash left on trails, beaches, and open spaces.
  6. Bike to swim practice at least twice a week during good weather.
  7. Update the Pam LeBlanc webpage and send newsletter at least four times a year.
  8. Finish each swim practice by swimming butterfly, and swim a 200 fly (fins OK) at least once.
  9. Get serious about Colorado.
  10. Be more selective with story and travel assignments. I don’t have to accept low-paid gigs or take so many trips I get whiplash.


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