I can’t swim with my team right now, but I can do pull-ups on the tree in my front yard. Chris LeBlanc photo

My normal fitness routine screeched to a halt early last month, when Western Hills Athletic Club suspended swim practices and temporarily shut the pool.

Since then I’ve been mainly riding my bike and running. I feel like I’m losing upper body strength that I worked hard for, though, so I’m trying to incorporate other exercises into my routine.

This morning I channeled my inner monkey, and after pedaling 15 miles on my bike, I did some pull-ups from the tree in my front yard.

With gyms closed, parks shuttered and trails off limits, we’re all entering new territory when it comes to staying fit. I put out a call this morning, asking people to submit photos of home gyms they’ve put together since shelter-in-place orders came down.

Here are a few of photos shared by readers…

Kiana and Iram Leon drag giant tires, do jumping jacks and hop off and on a wooden box to stay fit.

Iram Leon and his daughter, Kiana, have made their own outdoor gym complete with a gigantic tire for lugging and a wooden box to jump on and off. They supplement that with plenty of running (Leon is president of Austin Runners Club) and jumping jacks.

Sheila Reiter made a home gym by rolling out a mat and gathering up some hand weights and an exercise ball. She’s also got an indoor bike trainer.

Sheila Reiter, my Texas Water Safari paddling teammate, rolled out a mat and gathered some weights and an exercise ball to create her version of a home gym. She’s rides her bike before the sun comes up some days, but also uses an indoor bike trainer, because she’s finding it harder and harder to cycle while maintaining a proper social distance on the hills where she likes to train.

Al White borrowed equipment from his gym and still works out with a coach – virtually.

Al White says his gym, Infinite Fitness, let him take home whatever equipment he needed, and he’s now doing Zoom sessions with his coach to stay on track.

Emily Werbow turned a mini-tramp into a mini-gym.

Emily Werbow has arranged a mini-tramp, a bunch of hula hoops and an exercise ball on her back patio.

Dan Driscoll tunes in to virtual workouts, but his cat doesn’t care.

Dan Driscoll is working out with his friends virtually, too, but it looks like his cat just doesn’t get it.

Cate Brookes Sweeney transformed her back balcony into a mini-gym.

New mom Cate Brooks Sweeney rolled out a mat on her balcony, and put her laptop on a chair so she can participate in workouts virtually. When she’s done exercising, she uses the area as a toddler outdoor sensory area.

Courtney Lyons-Garcia is doing high intensity interval training sessions in her home garage, too.

Courtney Lyons-Garcia is working out in her garage.

Massage therapist Kiplimo Chemirmir set up what he calls his “Lil Warriors den,” with an assortment of rollers, kettlebells, balls and hand weights.

Jennifer Leduc does her Camp Gladiator workouts from home.

Jennifer Leduc is following her Camp Gladiator workouts from the comfort of her porch.

Christopher Maynard’s boys have created a ninja warrior course in the back yard.

And Christopher Maynard’s boys have created a ninja warrior course in the backyard that they change up daily.

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