Can peppermint panties really keep an athlete dry and odor free?

Can peppermint panties really keep an athlete dry and odor free?

I’m test driving Jumper Undies, which are made with peppermint leaves. Pam LeBlanc photo

I discovered the perfect underwear about 10 years ago – Patagonia Active Hipsters – and never felt the need to look or buy anything different ever again. They’re soft, seamless, sexy and last for years.

I bought a few dozen, unpacked them and never thought about it again – until this week, when a trio of underpants made with peppermint leaf and eucalyptus fibers landed in my mailbox.

What? That sounds, um, scratchy? Or decidedly non-durable. Also, would they make my sensitive skin tingle (in a bad way)?

Jumper Threads has just unveiled Jumper Undies, made with fabric containing 35 percent peppermint leaf fiber that, the company says, naturally fights odor. Even better, peppermint plant grows quickly and easily, so they seem like a nice sustainable option for people (like me) who obsess over that stuff. (Reduce! Reuse! Recycle!)

I didn’t notice any uncomfortable tingling upon first wearing, but I did notice a few other things. The fabric itself is really soft, but I don’t like the narrow elastic waistband. My Patagonia panties don’t have a separate waistband, they’re just one seamless piece. I do like the back mesh panel in the Jumper Undies, which helps keep me cool even when I’m running or biking. And I really like the ruching, which snugs the bottoms nicely to my cheeks.

Does the no-odor stuff really work? I’ll get back to you on that one. One thing I do know is they don’t smell like peppermint or eucalyptus.

They sell for $16 a pair at


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