Pam LeBlanc, who says parks are one of the best things in her life, sits under the spillway at Blanco State Park. Photo by Chris LeBlanc

Lately, I’ve been waking up in the middle of the night a lot, with wild thoughts running through my mind.

I’m trying to tame the money brain – or at least avoid thinking about world problems or things I can’t control. Last night I focused on thinking about the best things in life.

I’m not referring to friends or family, which are a given and make everything better, or the fact that I was born in a place where I don’t have to struggle to survive. I’m talking about things beyond that that make me feel good both physically and mentally.

My list is long. I’ve had amazing opportunities to travel and meet interesting people. But honestly, it almost always comes down to the simplest things that make me happiest. And I get to do the things on my list often.

Here’s my list, in no particular order:

  1. Reading books.
  2. Coming home after a long trip.
  3. Sipping a glass of wine outdoors, as the sun sets. Or tea with cream, as the sun rises.
  4. Watching wildlife do its thing in a natural setting.
  5. Hiking someplace that takes more than a day to reach.
  6. Sleeping in a tent someplace remote.
  7. Playing games (especially dominoes at the moment) with friends.
  8. Finishing a hard swim practice or long run.
  9. Dinner parties.
  10. Parks.
  11. Skinny dipping.



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