Barton Springs parking lot

The main Barton Springs parking lot will close Feb. 15 for at least a year. Pam LeBlanc photo

Heads up, swimmers.

Crews are preparing to start work on the Barton Springs Bathhouse rehabilitation project, and that means parking is about to get tricky.

The parking lot on the north side of the pool will shut Feb. 15 and remain closed during construction, estimated to take at least a year. William Barton Drive, the road that runs in front of the pool entrance, will be closed except for emergency vehicles, construction deliveries and vehicles that need accessible parking.

The project, which includes access improvements, plumbing upgrades, structural repairs and restoration of the entry rotunda and changing rooms, is expected to finish in spring 2025.

Barton Springs parking lot

A free Barton Springs shuttle runs weekends during the summer from One Texas Center to the park. Photo courtesy city of Austin

You’ve got options. During summer months, the Austin Parks and Recreation Department operates a free shuttle every 20 minutes on weekends only from One Texas Center parking garage at 505 Barton Springs Road, to the park. You can also park on the north side of the river near Austin High School and walk across the pedestrian bridge beneath Mopac to get to the park.

Or do like I do and pedal your bike.

Also of note? The pool will close Feb. 24 through March 8 for routine maintenance.



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