Howler Brothers celebrates first decade with a book

Howler Brothers celebrates first decade with a book

Howler Bros

What’s “howler?” Vintage western, surfboards and cool. Pam LeBlanc photo

I know a classic Howler Brothers shirt when I see it – a pair of funky crawfish, a couple of cacti, or a flapping seagull embroidered above each front pocket, plus a track of pearl snap buttons.

But that’s just the tip of the Howler iceberg, it turns out.

This week the Austin-based company, founded by Chase Heard and Andy Stepanian, celebrated the 10th anniversary of their company by releasing a book packed with photos, designs and patterns.

It’s kind of cool – a 300-page homage to everything from vintage western wear to fly fishing to surfboards and vinyl records, with a good helping of monkeys and at least one shot of the Broken Spoke honkytonk thrown in for good measure. It’s a nod – and, yes, a pitch for – the company’s product line, too, with images of ball caps, pearl snap button shirts, board shorts and Ts.

Howler Brothers book

Howler Brothers has released a book to celebrate its first 10 years. Pam LeBlanc photo

The company calls the book as a visual statement of what “Howlery” means, and you too can have a copy, for $75.

The 12-by-12 hardcover features a foreword by Austin fly fishing guru JT Van Zandt, plus an introduction by Howler Brothers founders Heard and Stepanian, who explain how they started the company out of a garage in Hyde Park.

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They had zero experience in the apparel business back then but have built a company with a devoted following. (A quick on eBay turned up half a dozen pre-owned Howler Brothers embroidered “gaucho” shirts selling for close to $300 each.)

Howler Brothers book

Howler Brothers celebrates its 10th anniversary with this coffee table book of photography and design. Pam LeBlanc photo

Can’t get enough Howler? This is your book.

Heed the Call, as the founders would say, and buy one at

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